Project Description

When I joined the Automotive Design team at HERE my first project was HERE Auto, the white-label in-car navigation solution from HERE for automotive OEMs.

In the beginning I contributed specifications for some remaining features of the first release version. These included logics for the notification framework and predefined settings but also complex features such as a dynamic traffic event forecast.

In this project I worked in an agile setup directly with the development and product team to ensure fast, iterative feature implementation and continuous, smooth design support.

I first got promoted to a Principal Interaction Design role before finally being put in charge of the overall project as UX Lead, overseeing a team of up to 10 designers.

The HERE Auto project included many design challenges and tasks, including responsibility for Internationalization (I18N), directly working with the localization team as well as with regional support teams to include region specific features and behaviors as well as according UI adaptions for right-to-left (RTL) and left-to-right (LTR) languages.

A broad scope of user research activities was also part of the project. Among the different kinds of user testing, the driver distraction testing and according design optimization is to be highlighted as specifically challenging.

In a later stage of the project it was also necessary to successful manage design/development collaboration in an international, distributed setup with multiple development teams sourced in different countries.

Platforms: Embedded