Project Description

When NOKIA's location service unit was transferred into new founded HERE Technologies, I moved into the mobile navigation team of HERE.

Promoted to the role of Senior Interaction Designer I worked on the initial version of the HERE WeGo App. A major task was the definition of the overall Information Architecture (IA) of this new app which required reaching out to many different stakeholders spread across the different business units of the company and working together with them to define and understand the full scope of all features and their inter-relations and interactions.

I also worked on specific features such as the multi-modal route planner, with a special focus on the completely new bike routing feature and detailed instructions overview capability.

At the end of the year I decided to join the automotive business unit and therefore handed over all this work to colleagues of mine. But even the latest version of the app, 6 years later, reflects still much of the work I did.

Platforms: Mobile (Android/iOS)

Project Details


HERE Technologies


1. January 2013