Project Description

In scope of the connected vehicle services was also to develop the first version of voice skills for the two major platforms Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

These voice skills enable car owners to remotely interact with their vehicles through their usual smart home environment.

Due to my personal interest in the topic, I took on the necessary voice interaction design myself. I defined the overall voice interaction principles, specified the main voice flows, worked directly with the copywriter on the responses and ensured proper implementation with the Product and Development teams.

I scripted myself a test skill with the Amazon Alexa Developer Tools to quickly prototype the main voice experience.

My participation in the Google I/O 2019 came also in handy as I could spent a lot of time with the Google Voice Design team to directly exchange on the guiding principles for state of the art voice design and utilize the insights in scope of this project.

This project is currently ongoing.

Platforms: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant